Services offers various kinds of services:


1) Research.

We are specialized in researching the Chinese car market, including trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles. We dig relentless and deep. Examples – General Research: prices, trends, sales numbers, policies. Examples Specific Research: overview of the products of car maker A, standard equipment of car A-B, all cars with engines larger than X liter, buses with a price of A to Z, etc etc. You name it, we research it.

2) Finding companies and people for your business.

Finding the right company or person can he very hard in China. We can help and will find our man. For example: contact of company A, the contact person for sales to country X, designer Z working for B, automotive media, associations, research institutes, universities, (local) governments.

3) Trade.

Our new service. We can help to source parts for most China-made cars, original and after-market. We can also help to find accessories (body kits, floor mats, seat covers, etc) for almost every car imaginable. And we can help to find car models, RC models, toys, and all other kind of automotive related stuff.


If you want to know more, please drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.