Mitsuoka Orochi is selling houses in China

Mitsuoka Orochi is selling houses in China

A beautiful black Mitsuoka Orochi, seen in the great city of Zigong in Sichuan Province. The vehicle is used to attract buyers for fancy new apartments, accompanied by a pretty girl dressed in Pink.

Using super cars to sell houses is pretty common in China, especially in second and third tier cities. Earlier on we saw a Ferrari Enzo in Putian, a Bentley Mulsanne & Gallardo & Hummer on a red carpet in Wuhan. Super cars are also used to promote all sorts of other businesses, like karaoke bars and wine shops.

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TVR Tuscan is selling Computers in China


A very red TVR Tuscan on a billboard in the Fangzhuang area in Beijing, adverting a local computer shop. Sadly TVR never exported any cars to China so most Beijingese will think  a Tuscan is some Ferrari. Which it isn’t!

The TVR Tuscan was a manic sportscar powered by TVR’s own 4.0 ‘Speed Six’ six-in-line engine, good for a growling 380hp and 420nm. The race-bred 4.2 liter variant pooped out an even madder 440hp and 475nm.  Too bad a great brand went under…

Ni hao Nurse! Please help me with my Heat Insulation

Nurse will Insulate you

A very hot little nurse seen on a huge billboard at the Auto Tuning Car Show in Beijing. Nurse can help with ‘auto noise & heat insulation’. Just what I needed! Her company is called Qui’er Doctor and because I dig the nurse I do the link. Yezzz, sex sells…

Geely GLEagle GC7 is very colorful in Shaanxi

Geely GLEagle GC7

Going local to the great city of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province where the new Geely GLEagle GC7 was launched at a dealer, and when you can have a party, you should have a party! To celebrate such and such the dealer had one GC7 sexed up with black and orange wrap. We dig, loox really hip. Now, another look at how things go in the provinces:

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Monk opens Winery in China, with super cars

Opening a winery requires blessing from higher spirits, this new winery therefore hired a Buddhist monk to perform some rituals. Everything is for sale in China, a real monk will set you back at least 1000 yuan a day, a fake monk can be had for a 100. What matters is, how much you really believe… Some supercars to impress potential customers, likely hired as well. On da left a Lamborghini Aventador, on da right a Ferrari 458. Let the drinking begin, cheers y’all! Via: Gamersky.

Fighting the Foton-bull in China

Fighting the Foton-bull in China

An interesting media-event in the great city of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia Province. The local dealer organization organized a bullfighting match, like in Spain, with a Foton MP-X MPV pretending to be the bull. We like. The bull fighter, or matadore, was correctly dressed is a Spanish-style costume and there was even a Spanish babe…

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Zhongxing uses Libyan War to sell cars at the Beijing Auto Show

Zhongxing uses Libyan War

Amazing propaganda, or good salesmanship, today at the Beijing Auto Show. Chinese automaker Zhongxing showed images of the Libyan civil war on a giant screen behind its new Weihu pickup truck. The connection: Zhongxing was world news in August last year when television showed Libyan rebels conquering the country in older Zhongxing pickup trucks. The footage was widely shown on Chinese TV, websites and printed media. Zhongxing took note and used the images to promote their ‘stronger than war’ vehicles.

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Advertising Cars in China: the Geely Beauty Leopard, with a beauty

Here we have a sweet old advertisement for the Geely Beauty Leopard, Meirenbao in Chinese. The ad is from 2003 when the Meirenbao debuted as China’s first self-developed sports car. The pic shows a very fashionable lady with a camcorder, making a movie of herself with her brandnew Meirenbao.

The car and girl are Photoshopped in front of a skyline which has to stress how modern that Leopard was. When it just came out the Meirenbao cost only 100.000 yuan, power came from a tiny 1.3, hardly enough for racing but sure good enough for this pretty lady.

More on the Meirenbao and its successors, see here, here, and here,

Huatai advertises the B11 in … an Airplane

An intersting advertisement from Huatai for its B11 sedan. It hang in on every chair in an airplane, in this case the Shanghai-Beijing Express from China Eastern Airlines. Passengers who don’t look for birds and don’t read a book are forced to look at the Huatai for two hours. Smart advertising. Behind the B11 some famous Beijing landmarks, including the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium and the new CCTV building.