Zhongxing uses Libyan War to sell cars at the Beijing Auto Show

Zhongxing uses Libyan War

Amazing propaganda, or good salesmanship, today at the Beijing Auto Show. Chinese automaker Zhongxing showed images of the Libyan civil war on a giant screen behind its new Weihu pickup truck. The connection: Zhongxing was world news in August last year when television showed Libyan rebels conquering the country in older Zhongxing pickup trucks. The footage was widely shown on Chinese TV, websites and printed media. Zhongxing took note and used the images to promote their ‘stronger than war’ vehicles.

Zhongxing uses Libyan War

Note red square on the right of the screen, that’s a Zhongxing-logo on that truck, Zhongxing wants us to see.

Zhongxing uses Libyan War

Yup, that’s another Zhongxing there, with a machine gun on the roof to kill. Brilliant marketing indeed.

Zhongxing uses Libyan War

Explosions on the screen. Well, there will always be war…

8 thoughts on “Zhongxing uses Libyan War to sell cars at the Beijing Auto Show”

  1. They are also first gen Toyota Tundra copies. The only reason they are being driven is that they are cheap knockoffs.

  2. cjcz92… you should really do some research before posting… The Zhongxings are based on older Isuzu platforms, using no components from Toyota. There is NOTHING on it which is copied from Toyota.

  3. I noticed this sometime back, about Chinese utes displacing Japanese trucks among the more discerning civil insurrectionist.

  4. What cjcz92 is talking about is the styling. The Zhongxing may be based of an Isuzu, but it looks just like an older Toyota Tundra. China really needs to start making their own designs.

  5. It is a four-door pickup truck. Basically the design is always going to be very similar. It is no more similar to a Tacoma than the crew cab versions of a Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado, or Ford Ranger.

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