Haval H5

Haval H5 5.2-meter SUV launched in China for 15,950 USD

The Haval H5 launched in China as a 5.2-meter SUV with part-time 4WD, 8AT, 2-liter diesel engine and a starting price of 15,950 USD.

Great Wall Motors’ Haval H5 SUV will launch on August 21 in China, price may start at 20,600 USD

The new Haval H5 is rebranded as Great Wall Motors' largest SUV after it was discontinued in 2018 due to unsatisfactory sales performance.

Great Wall Motors’ largest SUV Haval H5 arrived at dealership, will launch in August

After the H5's rear seats are folded down, the space can be transformed into a 2-meter bed!

GWM’s Haval H5 huge 5.2-meter SUV hit the production line in China

Haval H5 is a huge 5.2-meter SUV with a starting price of 14,000 USD. Its production was launched in China with a goal of 1 million units.

Great Wall Motors’ largest SUV Haval H5’s interior official pics revealed

With a wheelbase of 3140mm, the interior only has two rows of seats.

Great Wall Motors’ largest SUV Haval H5 official pics revealed, price might start at 16,600 USD

Power will come from a 2.0T gasoline or a 2.0T diesel engine.

Great Wall Motors rebrands Haval H5 as Haval’s largest SUV

Haval H5 was a compact SUV under the Haval brand, based on Great Wall Motors' pickup platform. However, its sales performance was unsatisfactory and the series was discontinued in 2018.

Haval H5 is making a comeback as a five-seater large SUV for China

The Haval H5 was originally positioned as an off-road vehicle when first launched in 2012.

Haval P04 full-size SUV officially unveiled in China. Is it Haval H5?

The Haval P04 was officially unveiled in China. It can become the new Haval H5. Let's sort it out together.

Spotted In China: The Factory-made Great Wall Haval H5 Stretched Limousine

A big black and beautiful Great Wall Haval H5 stretched limousine, Spotted in China on a car market in the great city of Chengdu....