Haval Raptor

New Haval Raptor from GWM exposed in China with ICE powertrain

New Haval Raptor applied for the sales license in China with an adjusted exterior and ICE-only powertrain.

2024 Haval Raptor Hi4 launched at 22,900 USD in China

As an off-road SUV, the 2024 Haval Raptor supports seven driving modes, including Standard, Economy, Sports, Snow, Sand, Mud, and Four-wheel drive.

2024 Haval Raptor Hi4 off-road SUV official pics revealed in China

The official unveil may be at the Beijing Auto Show.

GWM Haval Raptor enters market, available from 22,700 USD

The PHEV is now available from 23,000 USD. The first-time buyers receive 800 USD discount.

GWM Haval Raptor to officially start sales today, presale saw over 25,000 orders

The model received over 25,000 orders since August end. 10,000 received in the first ten days of presale.

Great Wall Motor’s Haval Raptor off-road SUV will launch on October 10 in China, price starts at 21,900 USD

The current pre-sale price starts at 21,900. The pre-order exceeded 10,000 units within the first 10 days of opening.

Great Wall Motor Haval Raptor configuration revealed, starting price 22,000 USD

Haval Raptor price to start from 22,000 USD, 4WD to be standard offering.

Haval Raptor light off-road SUV at 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, offers 102km and 145km pure electric ranges

Power comes from Great Wall Motors’ four-wheel drive Hi4 hybrid system that is equipped with a 1.5T hybrid engine that outputs 123 kW and 243 Nm.

Great Wall Motor’s Haval Raptor PHEV SUV official pic unveiled in China

Positioned as a plug-in hybrid compact urban SUV, Haval Raptor will offer two pure electric cruising ranges of 102 km and 145 km (NEDC).

Great Wall Motors’ new PHEV SUV is confirmed as the Haval Raptor with 145 km electric range

The powertrain will be equipped with Great Wall Motors' four-wheel drive Hi4 hybrid system, offering 102 km and 145 km pure electric cruising ranges.