Great Wall Motor Haval Raptor configuration revealed, starting price 22,000 USD

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Based on the marketing materials provided by one of the Great Wall Motor (GWM) Haval dealerships, the upcoming plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SUV will be equipped with the Café Intelligent Cockpit with 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard and 14.6-inch center control screen and built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip.

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The car is also equipped with customized high definition navigation, 540-degree panoramic image, W-HUD head-up display, four-door strap-on cup holders, elevated cup holders, temperature-controlled armrest, 50W wireless charging with heat dissipation, and many other features. The top trim is equipped with 10 speakers and others with 8 speakers.

The PHEV is built on 4800/1916/1822 mm chassis that sits on 2738 mm wheelbase. The trunk volume is 586 L, and it can be expanded to 1404 L by putting down the rear seats.

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The Haval Raptor is the second product in the Dragon series. The rugged design style, banner grille with hollow processing inlaid with HAVAL brand letter logo in the middle, as well as the bottom of the thick front bumper joining the silver guard, further highlight the car’s off-road purpose.

The side of the car is in a square box shape, with a flat roof line, while the window areas are blackened. The front and rear wheel arches are slightly bulging and were added a black rim and body scuff guards. The rear is equipped with an external spare tire, the tailgate adopts a side-opening design, and the vertical style tail lights are very striking. The new car will be available in four colors: black, white, gray and gold.

The SUV has the new high thermal efficiency 1.5T hybrid special engine and four-wheel drive (4WD) electric hybrid technology, Hi4 powertrain. The 1.5T engine’s maximum power is 123kW, and maximum torque is 243N-m. The car offers a 19.09kWh and 27.54kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs, which translate into 102km and 145km of pure electric mode NEDC range respectively.

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WLTC feed-in fuel consumption is 5.98L/100km and 6.09L/100km, respectively. Both systems support V2L external discharge technology, with a discharge power of 3.3kW. The entire system comes standard with a four-wheel-drive system, which supports seven driving modes, including standard, economy, sport, 4WD, snow, sand, and mud modes. In addition, the new car has a minimum ground clearance of 200mm, an approach angle of 24°, a departure angle of 30°, and a maximum wading depth of 560mm.

The latest Haval’s SUV will officially start sales on September 20th. The price is expected to be 160,000-190,000 yuan (22,000-26,000 USD). The SUV is the second model in the manufacturer’s Dragon series. The first one was Xiaolong, a compact SUV.

Source: PCAuto

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    At least point out what’s your opinion, what you disagree with. I hate cowards. Tell or stay away!

    U can see that on the top of the article it says ‘PHEV’ – but on the main page it say ‘EV’. I understand it is not a EV, but what is it then? PHEV or EREV? I’m a little confused, that’s all, that’s why I ask – and I am fully happy, no problems here in Norway. :)))

  2. If your wife is difficult, I understand you – therefore I will add this.

    I had my wife (the third) for more than 20 years now – and she is much younger than me of course. I am metusalem. Anyway, she is complaining suddenly that I don’t take out the garbage. And that the kitchen isn’t modern, the furniture is old, etc. But it is almost new, everything – I bought it all only 10 or so years before I married her! But perhaps I need to start taking out the garbage this year or next year. If not I might have to look for a new wife again….

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  3. Sooo sad Haval brand name is so unlucky pick from Philippines. Most Filipinos take Haval word as Habal-Habal a motorcycle which used for Public transport going to and from the Urban and forest villages which motorcycle has multiple passengers just to go up and down from the mountain – that’s exactly what Habal-Habal means to most Filipinos ans it’s a laugh to them that now it has a car with brand name HAVAL it’s sound like the same so to them it’s laughable. That’s why HAVAL cars doesn’t buy -like the Filipinos. Can you at least change your name for the Philippines? If you just want to sell it like a cake!


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