BYD sold 217 EVs in Japan in January, accounting for 20% of imported EV sales

In January, BYD's EVs sales surged in Japan, showcasing the growing demand for imported EVs and expanding market presence.

BYD Dolphin launched in Japan, starting at 24,500 USD

Considering the Japanese government’s EV subsidies, the BYD Dolphin’s price in Japan may be 2.98 million yen (20,100 USD).

BYD Dolphin will enter the Japanese market this month

As one of BYD's main export products, the export volume of BYD Dolphin exceeded 10,000 vehicles in July and August.

The first BYD showroom in Tokyo will open on August 26

At present, BYD has opened 47 stores in Japan and is under construction.

Chinese patriotic carmaker Hongqi expands to Japan

On December 19, luxury limousine carmaker Hongqi opened its Experience Center in Osaka. It is the first dealership of Chinese state-owned car manufacturer FAW...