New Buick GL8 NAKED

new Buick GL8 China

The new China-only Buick GL8 will be listed on December 9. Buick however, will continue to make the old GL8 which will be offered as a cheaper alternative. Size of the new GL8: 5278×1985×1809, wheelbase is 3198. Engines: updated versions of the 2.4 and 3.0 SIDI V6’s, 6-speed auto.

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Foday Explorer 6 Listed & Priced

Foday Explorer 6

Foday is a small maker of suv’s and pick up trucks from the soutjern province of Guangding. On October 27th they listed their newest car; the Explorer 6. A huge step for Foday, the previous Explorer was named ‘Explorer 3’. It is basically the same car but with a huge new front in line with the latest trend in suv-front design in China. Job well done!

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Spy Shots: Tianjin-FAW Xiali TM6400

Tianjin Xiali was a company famous for making taxi’s based on the old Daihatsu Charade platform. Then FAW took over and the company was renamed ‘Tianjin-FAW’. The Xiali-series continued, still based on the by then ancient Daihatsu platform with updates only in styling.

FAW, Tianjin-FAW and Toyota of Japan also have a three-way joint venture that makes Toyota’s for the Chinese market, at this moment the Vios, Corolla, Crown and Reiz. Here now, the new TM6400 comes into play. It ain’t build on no Daihatsu platform anymore, the new Xiali got the Vios underneath.

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Spy Shots: FAW-VW eBora

Another one that cannot be charged, anywhere. FAW-VW is working on a full electric Bora, called imaginative the ‘eBora’. The eBora has to electrify the market by 2013. VW clearly hopes there will be some infrastructure for charging by that time. Today there is none, but this being China a lot can happen in two years.

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Spy Shots: Old Mazda 6 Facelifted in China

FAW Mazda 6 facelift China

When FAW-Mazda lauched the new Mazda 6 last year they decided to continue production of the old one as a cheaper alternative in the hyper competitive Chinese market. The old car now gets a facelift so it can go on for a few more years. Changes are: a new front, slightly different back and better materials in the interior.

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Geely Catamaran Concept

Geely Catamaran Concept

A facinating concept drawn up by the Geely Insitute based on an idea by Geely chairman Li Shufu himself. Work on the Catamaran Concept started 3 years ago and the design is ready today. There is however, no real car yet. The Catamaran is all about  ‘mobility’: the machine consist of two motorbike-like modules that can be disconnected. In basic form it is a car with four wheels that seats four with the steering wheel on the left.

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Geely-Englon SC5-RV to be Listed in November

Geely wil bring the Englon SC5-RV to the market on 11-11, that indeed is almost as cool as the vehicle itself. Price will start at a very cheap 50.000 yuan and end around 70.000. Engines: 1.3, 1.3 Turbo and 1.5.

The 1.3T will be the sporty one with 95kw and 186nm, mated to either a six-speed manual or a 7-speed dual clutch. Both gearboxes will be only available for the 1.3T, the other engines have to to with 5-speed manuals or 4-speed auto’s.

Next gen Roewe 750 to be Based on Buick Regal

The next generation Roewe 750 will be based on the platform of the China-made Buick Regal. The Ragal is made by the Shanghai-GM joint venture. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) is also the owner of the Roewe and MG brands. This means that the next generation MG7 will very likely be based on the Regal-platform as well.

The Regal is basically a rebadged Opel Insigina, the Roewe 750 a rebadged Rover 750. The deal makes most sense for SAIC. Not much for GM because it only helps the competition getting better. The new 750 will debut late 2011.