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Wuling-Baojun 630 to be Listed in China on August 9

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Delayed the again. The Wuling-Baojun 630 was first expected for late June, then postponed to July and now postponed again to August 9. We will see. Baojun is a entry-level sub brand of minicar maker Wuling. Wuling is a joint venture between SAIC (aka Shanghai Auto), General Motors and Wuling Automotive. The 630 is based on the Shanghai-GM Buick Excelle and will use 1.5 and 1.8 Excelle engines. Price will start at a very cheap 56.000 yuan.

The August 9 date does not mean you can buy the Baojun everywhere in China. Wuling has decided to sort of ‘roll out’ the vehicle over the country. It will be listed in Chengdu on August 9, those lucky basterds, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Jinan and Changsha will follow soon after. No clue when it will arrive here in Beijing.

The madness might have something to do with Baojun’s biggest prolem: the don’t have enough dealers yet. The Baojun brand gets its own dealers and distribution network. Right now they got 150 dealers in the whole of China. Far too less, especially for cars in this segment of the market.

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