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Spy Shots: Audi A8L 50 TFSI testing in China

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Interesting spy shots from a new Audi A8L 50 TFSI testing in China. According to Chinese media ’50’ has nothing to do with a turbocharged V10 (too bad…) but with a complete new suffix naming system that Audi will introduce in China.

Audi A8L 50 TFSI

Audi will start with the imported A8L and the locally made A6L. The A8L 50 TFSI is in fact powered by the 3.0 TFSI engine with 245kw and 440nm. There will also be a A8L 45 TFSI which is powered by a lower output 213kw and 420nm version of the same engine. What these two new names mean for the rest of the range is yet uncertain, we’ll keep you posted when new developments occur.

Audi A8L 50 TFSI

Audi A8L 50 TFSI

Audi A8L 50 TFSI

Via: Sohu.com.

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