New Lifan 720 is waiting lonely for the Beijing Auto Show

Published on April 22, 2012 by W.E. Ning

Lifan 720

This is the new Lifan 720, Lifan’s biggest car so far. The 720 will debut tomorrow at the Beijing Auto Show (we typed this same line some ten times today, hope you don’t get bored) and was seen waiting lonely at Lifan’s booth at the exhibition hall. Boring grey-black color doesn’t do the already not too exciting 720 very well… It should have been red! Red is good, red is China.The Lifan 720 will be listed on the China car market in early May, price is expected to start around 80.000 yuan.

Lifan 720

Power comes from a 1.8 with 125hp and 160nm, a 1.5 will follow later. Earlier on we heard about the possibility of a 2.4, sourced from Mitsubishi. That ancient engine however, seems now off the table for the 720. Size: 4705/1773/1500, wheelbase is 2700. We will have another look at it tomorrow when we meet this Lifan 720 in person.

Via: Sohu.com.


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  1. Markus- April 22, 2012 Reply

    These are two different cars. The car on the first 3 pictures is not the 720. Maybe a new 620 or a new 820.

  2. Eduardo- April 26, 2012 Reply


    The first 3 pictures are related to the new Lifan 620 (back side is similar to Volkswagen Jetta in my opinion). Other ones are the Lifan 720.

  3. Tycho de Feyter- April 29, 2012 Reply


    Thank you very much, those were indeed two different cars. It was a bit too late that night…

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