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New Lifan 720 debuts at the Beijing Auto Show

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The new Lifan 720 sedan debuted earlier this week at the Beijing Auto Show. The 720 is Lifan’s new flagship and will hit the China car market later this year. It is not exactly a pretty car but it is big and it will be cheap, price is expected to start around 80.000 yuan.

New Lifan 720

The 720 stood very close to a wall on Lifan’s booth, making taking pictures of the back a bit difficult. Well and anyway, most people who see a 720 will likely only notice that giant chrome grill at the front, which loox rather good. Size: 4705/1773/1500, wheelbase is 2700. Power comes from a not too new 1.8 that poops out 128hp and 159nm. Only transmission available is a 5-speed manual, Lifan will not offer an automatic any time soon. This will seriously hurt sales, especially among women.

New Lifan 720

New Lifan 720

New Lifan 720

That grill is good!

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  1. when come to iran? i want buy lifan 720 in iran,special lifan 720 face lift,please publish information for export time

  2. this engine is weak for this car.according to the size of this car at least it should be between 2400 to 2500 cc(2.4 to 2.5 liter) with a perfect gearbox.the text is wrong , it’s power is not 170hp ,it is 131hp.
    I like the figure of this car but its power is not suitable for this car.I and most of other Iranian people don’t like big car with low power.


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