Second Hand Car from China: the FAW-Huali Happy Messenger

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This is the FAW-Huali Happy Messenger, based on the first generation Daihatsu Move. The Happy Messenger was produced under license from Daihatsu by FAW’s subsidiary Huali from 2003 until 2008. The Huali-brand was later renamed as ‘FAW-Jiaxing’. Jiaxing still exist today, they make all sorts of small MPV-like vehicles that continue to be very popular outside the major cities.

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FAW Happy Messenger

The Happy Messenger was powered by a 1.0 4-cylinder with 55hp, mated to a 5-speed manual. It was exported to many places including Egypt and several Eastern European countries, mostly under the name FAW Angel. It even made its way the the USA as the electric Miles ZX40. This particular yellow example lives in the great city of Chongqing, was made in 2005, and has 100.000 kilometers on the clock. Asking price is a steep 11.800 yuan.

FAW Happy Messenger

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The more luxurious versions came with digital dials, the cheapo’s like this one had to do with analogue.

FAW Happy Messenger

A 2008 Happy Messenger when new, note different grill.

FAW Happy Messenger

FAW surprised at the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show with the Jiaxing SCC concept, trying to get some extra life out of the old Move with a flashy new front. It didn’t happen, the SCC sadly never saw production. Production of the Happy Messenger ended in late 2008.

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  1. I saw the name translated somewhere once as “Happy Emissary”, which of course means much the same thing. Translation is difficult when languages have so little in common in structure, but nothing explains “Wingle”.

  2. Production at Huali in Tianjin ended around 2006. Then production was then shifted to FAW’s Hongta plant in Yunnan until its ending in 2008, as you say, and apparently at the time that FAW and GM started up their JV at that southern plant.
    Funny that Miles still displays it on the website.
    Paul, it was also known as the Happy Envoy.

  3. Any idea what year it received the new, tidier grille Dragin? I find oddities like this car very interesting for some reason. I think its just the resourcefulness of these companies and the things they do to stretch the life of an otherwise unremarkable design. The long life of the 1987 Daihatsu Charade is a spectacular example of this.

  4. I agree with you, but am afraid I don’t know the answer to the grille change date. Sorry.
    Tycho, I think the car is still being produced.

  5. Hi!I’m from manila,Philippines… I buy a second hand happy messenger FAW car… performance is good even in long high drive… I Want to ask help for my parts so I can maintain my car… even thou there is a Faw center here in manila there is no sedan type here available only truck product market here… So I’m asking for help so I can maintain my engine works… many of my friends looking for this kind of car… thank you hope you can help me…


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