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Land Rover covered with Porcelain in China, is Luxury

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An interesting project from an entrepreneur and porcelain collector called Zhang Lianzhi in the great city of Tianjin. He got himself a Land Rover Discovery and glued it up with pieces of antique porcelain worth 150.000 USD. Zhang will use the porcelain Discovery to promote his restaurant chain, his porcelain shops and his ‘Luxury Museum’.

Land Rover covered with Porcelain in China

Added weight will compromise handling. Off road driving will be very costly. Wading through rivers will clean porcelain for free. Dogs will get a bloody nose if they bite those bumpers.

Land Rover covered with Porcelain in China

Land Rover covered with Porcelain in China

Land Rover covered with Porcelain in China

Via: ChinaDaily.

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  1. Someones going to be killed on the highway when they are following this land rover at 160km/h and a piece comes off and goes straight through the window of the following car.
    Where is the safety people. he could of just wrapped the car in a pictures of porcelain. Safer and cheaper.

  2. nice, 150,000 dollar of china history ripe for the picking! What sort of idiot thinks this crap up? Where are the angry chinese netizens when you need them…..


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