Skoda Yeti will get Bigger for the Chinese car market

Skoda Yeti China

Gerrit Marx, president of Skoda in China, told Chinese media the Yeti will grow bigger before it will hit the Chinese car market in late 2013, it will be slightly longer and higher than the European Yeti to create more space for passengers in the back. The Yeti will be made in China by the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture.

Skoda Yeti China

Recent spy shots however show an unchanged Yeti testing in China. This particular test car is very likely a Czech-made example. Earlier on we heard the Yeti would be imported first before local production started, this could be an early import.

Skoda has big plans for the Chinese market, where it wants to sell 500.000 cars in 2018. To get to that number Skoda is working on a new China-only large SUV and production of the Mission L/Rapid sedan will start in 2013.

Via: Autohome, Sina.

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  1. Darn it, Skoda, why not come to the US? Your presence would be so welcome here to fight against Hyundai/Kia for VW! I drive a Kia myself but I like Skoda too!

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