Chery QQ3 goes super cheap in China

Chery QQ3 Dream Edition

Even after launching the QQ3 Sport and while still working on the new QQ (or QQ5) Chery still continued making the original QQ3, apparently. We actually thought production had stopped, maybe it did for a while but the good old QQ3 is surely back now, and cheaper than ever. Today Chery launched the ‘QQ3 Dream Edition’, we like that name a lot, a very basic QQ3 for only 26.800 yuan, or 4215 USD.

Chery QQ3 Dream Edition

The QQ3 Dream Edition comes basically without anything. No airbag, no rear window wiper, no ABS, but it does have a radio with a slot for your MP3 player. Crash hard while listing to hard rock, choices indeed can be hard to make… Other luxuries include steel wheels and simple cloth seats. Power comes from the 0.8 three-cylinder with 59hp and 78nm, mated to a 5-speed manual. Not too many horses but since the Dream Edition will be quite light it might be quite a bit fast.

Chery QQ3 Dream Edition

Welcome back, QQ3.

Via: Autohome.

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This piece of “CRAP” costs nearly $10,000 in Iran.
and “SURPRISE!!!” people buy that.

juan amilcar cussi huacac
juan amilcar cussi huacac

quisiera tener un catalogo de repuestos para hacer compras,
por medio de mi empresa