Chevrolet Spark is a Wuling Baojun in China

 Chevrolet Spark is a Wuling Baojun in China

GM China has moved the good old Chevrolet Spark from the Chevrolet-brand to Wuling-Baojun, where it will be called ‘Baojun Yue Chi’. Baojun is a sub-brand under Wuling, which is a three-way joint venture between General Motors, SAIC (aka Shanghai Auto) and Wuling Automotive. The Baojun Yue Chi has been launched on the China auto market today, price starts at 39.800 yuan and ends at 49.800 yuan, which is exactly the same price as GM asked for the Spark.

The change is not as big as it might look like since the Chevrolet Spark was already produced by Wuling. All they needed to do was to change the badges, otherwise it is exactly the same car. The Spark/Yue Chi is becoming a golden oldie in China, production started back in 2003. Engines are the same as well; 1.0 and 1.2 liter four-cylinders that were originally developed by Daewoo. The Yue Chi is only the second Baojun-branded car after the Baojun 630 sedan that debuted in August last year, a 630 hatchback is on the way.

Via: Autohome.

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  1. она и так безопасностью не отличается, а китайский вариант вообще на 110 км/ч рассыпаться будет

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