Handicapped Volkswagen Polo GTI launched in China, for too much Money

Published on September 13, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Volkswagen Polo GTI launched in China

The Volkswagen Polo GTI has been launched on the Chinese car market, it is made in China by the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture. But it isn’t a real Volkswagen Polo GTI, it is severely handicapped, or fake. The European Polo GTI comes with a 180hp 1.4 TSI, the Chinese GTI however comes with a much older 1.4 turbo that poops out only 131hp.

Volkswagen Polo GTI launched in China

Price then… 158.900 yuan, that’s 25.000 USD, and that is ridiculous. Fooling buyers with a fake GTI  and overcharging them, what is Volkswagen doing here? Except, that is, for flushing the value of the GTI-brand down the drain.

Volkswagen Polo GTI launched in China

The ‘GTI’ was launched yesterday evening in Shanghai. Volkswagen brought some girls and  touring car drivers to the show. Plus four men in cheap suits licking their microphones at the same time! Wadda mess, wadda bad car. Sad story this is I know, therefore, a bit more flesh for a happy end:

Volkswagen Polo GTI launched in China

Kicking fake cars back to their holes!

Pics via: Sohu.


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  1. Steve- September 13, 2012 Reply

    Went to buy a polo for my wife this last week and it has just turned into a mess.
    We bought a Touran at the beginning of the year and that was ok. and now it seems they don’t want one family to have two VW. stupid mistakes at shanghai made it impossible to buy one today. they tried to make us make fake documents and get it legally stamped. they made a fake invoice a fake document for the finance company. And tried to make my house document as part of the deal .
    I am very disappointed with the results and the time lost and money lost from this issue that still has not been resolved, as the haven’t return my 25,800 deposit they were so desperate to take.

  2. mano- September 14, 2012 Reply

    Don’t worry, it’s a china thing. service and honesty are two things that haven’t been imported and ruthlessly copied yet.

    1. justice- October 18, 2013 Reply

      you say chinese copy but the americans will be nowhere if they didnt abduct the nazi war criminals and copy their knowledge

  3. JaySmith- September 15, 2012 Reply

    Forget about performance, loox are all what matters.

  4. hedgehog- November 26, 2012 Reply

    VW Shanghai has a shitservice and cheating sales people
    2 months ago we where in the market for a Polo 1.6 in white color
    They almost let us sign the papers for a Polo1.4 in red color , they quickly changed the papers while talking
    Luckely my wife checked it a last time before sign ..

    We bought a Ford Focus instead

  5. brazil420sh- July 8, 2013 Reply

    I can’t say that my experience with FAW VW A/S has been much better… VW is too powerful in China. Want better service? Buy Japanese.

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