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Geely GLEagle GX5 is Completely Different in China

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Geely GLEagle GX5 is Completely Different in China

A kinda vague drawing from a small city SUV, with ‘Geely GLEagle GX5’ written on the license plate. The GLEagle GX5 as we know it is however a rather different vehicle. Chinese media say the GX5 has been “redesigned” and stands on the same platform as the ‘old’ GX5. The newly designed vehicle is expected to be launched on the Chinese car market sometime next year.

Geely GLEagle GX5 is Completely Different in China

The Geely GLEagle GX5 on the Beijing show. There aren’t many similarities. Geely was criticized by Chinese and foreign press for the GX5, who all said it looked too much like a Range Rover, or a Hummer, or a Kia, or a whatever. It seems Geely got sensitive and listened. Too bad, we liked the original. Power! The production car will get Geely’s new 1.3 turbo with 133hp and 220nm, mated to a 6-speed manual or 6-speed DCT.

Via: Autohome.

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  1. Completely disagree with the article, the vehicle in the bottom photo looks utterly hideous and almost absurdly crude; it looks like it could have been designed by a group of primary school childen.

    The car in the top image is vastly better, not just far more attractive but a far more coherent and cohesive design. Yes it looks a bit like the Evoque but is far from a copy.


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