Spy Shots: new Toyota Vios naked in China

Spy Shots: new Toyota Vios naked in China

The very first spy shots from the new Toyota Vios, all-naked in China, likely for a photo shoot. Chinese media now battle about the Toyota Dear concept car, which debuted on the Beijing Auto Show in April last year.

Some think the Dear morphed into the new Vios, others think the Dear will be developed into a new budget model based on the outgoing Vios. We think the latter explanation is true, because that is, sort of, what Toyota said on the show. The new Vios also seems bigger than the outgoing car, which leaves room in the line-up for a cheaper vehicle.

Spy Shots: new Toyota Vios naked in China

This is the current Toyota Vios, made in China by the FAW-Toyota joint venture. Price starts at 89.500 yuan and ends at 123.900 yuan. Price of the mysterious Dear is rumored to start around 70.000 yuan. The current Vios is powered by a 86hp 1.3 or a 118hp 1.6. No news yet on the engines for the new Vios.

Spy Shots: new Toyota Vios naked in China

New Vios loox sharp and about 10 centimeters bigger than the current-outgoing car, the difference is best visible at the C-pillar. Compare:

Spy Shots: new Toyota Vios naked in China

Via: Autohome.

4 thoughts on “Spy Shots: new Toyota Vios naked in China”

  1. is these pics snapped in china or thailand?

    if u get the uncropped 3rd pic (red car from back), u’ll see thai wording (plat no.) on one of the nearby motorcycle.

  2. these pics were snapped in thailand.. and not china. u copied other ppl’s design and now ure lying? this is the first and the last time im here. now wonder even the malaysian chinese dont like chinese from china… proudly copying and lying

    1. Yo Go!

      I got the pics from a Chinese website, see ‘via’ below the article. the original article in Chinese said the pics were taken in China.

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