JAC Heyue A20 sedan arrives at the Shanghai Auto Show


Starting this morning with the very first live pictures of the new JAC Heyue A20 sedan, it will debut tomorrow on the Shanghai Auto Show. The vehicle was spotted while workers were still working on the JAC booth, leaving all the new cars unprotected and uncovered. The JAC Heyue A20 is a new small-size sedan, it will hit the Chinese car market late this year.


The JAC Heyue A20 will be powered by 1.3 liter and 1.5 liter four-cylinder engines. The 1.5 comes with 113hp and 146nm, specs of the 1.3 are yet unknown. The 1.5 will also be the smallest engine in the Heyue A30, the biggest being a 1.8. Size: 4250/1690/1505, wheelbase is 2490. Price for the A20 will start around 55.000 yuan, it will compete with fine cars such as the Chevrolet Sail, the Chang’an Yuexiang and the Chery Cowin 2.


Vehicle seems much narrower at the back than at the front, check those rear wheels sitting there strange and small. This particular orange car is likely a prototype or a pre-production car.

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