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Lifan 630 launched on the Shanghai Auto Show

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The Lifan 630 has been launched on the Shanghai Auto Show. Lifan had a good look at Lexus when they designed the grille. The Lifan 630 is not a facelifted Lifan 620, it is instead a more luxurious and slightly more upmarket variant of the 620. The 620 thus, won’t die yet.

Lifan 630 launched on the Shanghai Auto Show

This is the Lifan 620 which was at the show as well. Price ranges from 45.900 yuan to 69.900 yuan. Engines: 95hp 1.5 and 106hp 1.6.

Lifan 630 launched on the Shanghai Auto Show

The Lifan 630. It will be launched on the Chinese car market in the second half of this year. Price will start around 75.000 yuan. Power will come from an upgraded version of the 1.5 which will deliver 103hp and 133nm. The 1.6 won’t be available in the Lifan 630.

Lifan 630 launched on the Shanghai Auto Show

Too close to the wall for a good shot at the back. Not much changes here, just the design of the lights differs from the 620.

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  1. The grille resembles my facial expression when I saw it… Come on, spend a couple of hundred thousand bucks and hire some designers! Stop copying others. Jesus!

  2. Like the 330 is a facelifted 320 the 630 is a facelifted 620
    In this case dashboard and body panels remain unchanged
    just a 620 with a Lexus front design


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