BMW Z4 is a Leopard in China

BMW Z4 is a Leopard in China

A very funky BMW Z4, seen on the streets of Beijing by reader Lao Wei, thank you for the pictures! The Z4 is wrapped in a leopard-like skin and made even more pretty by a set of Pink alloys.


The wrap is a masterpiece, covering the whole car including the bumpers and the mirrors. The grille is painted in Pink as well, combining greatly with the leopard print.


A fantastic machine and a wrap fittingly for a fast sportscar. Time now for out Famous China-BMW 4 Collection™: pink with babe on bonnet, matte black & pinkmatte-lime green, matte black, gray&matte blackbling, crystals & police, pink & babe, lime green & matte black.


Girl on bike in same color as car. The predator-BMW wants to mate.

One thought on “BMW Z4 is a Leopard in China”

  1. Um…

    Definitely not a masterpiece.

    I’d have been looking for a discount or a refund, as they didn’t match the spots at any of the body seams.

    Makes it look like an amateur job.

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