FAW-Xiali T012 SUV will hit the Chinese car market late this year

Published on May 28, 2013 by Joey Wang

FAW-Xiali T012 SUV will hit the Chinese car market late this year

‘Officially leaked’ renderings of the new FAW-Xiali T012 SUV, it will be launched on the Chinese car market late this year, priced will range from around 60.000 to 80.000 yuan.


The FAW-Xiali T012 is design-wise inspired by the FAW T012 concept car that debuted on the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. The production version will be powered by a 1.5 liter four-cylinder with 100hp, mated to a 5-speed manual. The T102 is the second sporty city SUV-kinda car of the Xiali brand, the first was the Xiali N7 which was launched

on the market in March.


Whether the SUV-offensive will be successful remains to be seen, but it is a good thing the Xiali brand is trying to steer away from making cheap sedans based on an ancient Daihatsu.


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  1. dragin- May 28, 2013 Reply

    This rendering of the production version makes it look very nice. But in the flesh it’s not quite so long and wide.

  2. Anon- May 29, 2013 Reply

    No only does it look very good, I can see a FAW design language starting to emerge, which is of vital importance.

  3. royalmm- May 29, 2013 Reply

    Looks promising design wise. Here’s hoping we’d see more pics of the interior and quality build (particularly the plastics and leather).

  4. Mike- November 9, 2013 Reply

    Is it a T012 or T102? The continuity of the “code name” is rather poorly written in the articles. Pay a little more attention to detail. Besides that – this vehicle has some good European influences coming through its “DNA” and that is what the Chinese must focus on if they want captivate the Western market.

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