Spy Shots: Haima M8 is Naked in China

Spy Shots: Haima M8 is Naked in China

The very first spy shots showing the production version of the Haima M8 sedan all-naked in China. The Haima M8, formerly known as the Haima Yao, debuted as a concept on the April 2012 Beijing Auto Show. The production version will debut on the Guangzhou Auto Show in November and it will be launched on the China car market just before the end of this year.


Now, big news on the engine! Up until now Haima always said the M8 would be powered by a 175hp 1.8 turbo, which sounded rather fancy for a Haima. Alas, a fancy fantasy it was. New reports in Chinese media indicate the Haima will actually be powered by a 155hp 2.0, good for a 190km/h top speed. The status of the 1.8 turbo is unknown at the moment.

Size: 4845/1830/1475, wheelbase is 2800.


The Haima M8 is an attractive looking vehicle that will compete in a market segment where Haima never competed before. The  ‘cheap-but-big-sedan’ segment is crowded with cars from mostly local Chinese car makers competing for every inch and every yuan. Haima is a trusted brand and the M8 looks good enough. The engine however is a bit of a let-down.


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