Volvo will launch S100 flagship in China

Volvo will launch S100 flagship in China

Geely & Volvo chairman Li Shufu has told Chinese media that Volvo will develop a new S100 flagship to compete with the Audi A8, BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The S100 will be based on a stretched variant of the platform of the next generation Volvo S80. It will be made in China in the new Volvo-factory in Chengdu, whether it will be exported to other countries is yet undecided.

The S100 will be a stand-alone vehicle, larger and more luxurious than the new S80, and thus in another league than the current China-made Volvo S80L. Li Shufu didn’t say anything on engines, which is where a problem might arise.

Volvo recently announced it will only make four-cylinder engines in the future, and ditch the 5 and 6. The Yamaha-sourced V8 has been ditched already. The strongest turbocharged variant will have about 400hp. However, image is still very important in the top-end sedan market, and a four-pot just isn’t good enough, no matter how high-tech and powerful.

What is Li going to do about that? We’ll keep you posted on further developments…

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  1. They could make an electric hybrid with an electric motor providing drive to the rear wheels. Make it high tech and powerful and you might get over the lack of a V6 or V8. Plus I think a Volvo S100 will have to be marketed to a new class of buyer rather than the traditional S class, A8, 7 series purchasers.

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