Guangzhou Auto working on small-size SUV

Guangzhou Auto working on small-size SUV

Guangzhou Auto is working on a new small-size SUV. It will be based on the same platform as the Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GA3 sedan (pictured). The new SUV will be launched on the China car market late next year. Power will come from the same 122hp 1.6 that powers the Trumpchi GA3. Price will start around 80.000 yuan.

At the same time Guangzhou Auto is also developing a new mid-size sedan that will be positioned above the Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GA5. Wheelbase will be at least 2900mm, compared to 2710 for the GA5. The new sedan will be launched in 2015. An SUV based on the new mid-size sedan is currently under consideration.

2 thoughts on “Guangzhou Auto working on small-size SUV”

  1. Why would they build a car above the GA5? That car is already a full-size almost 5-Series sedan (after all, it is based on the Alfa 166), if anything, they should be building a car in between the GA3 and GA5 (GA4 any body?).

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