China-made Volkswagen Golf 7 arrives at the Guangzhou Auto Show

Published on November 20, 2013 by W.E. Ning

China-made Volkswagen Golf 7 arrives at the Guangzhou Auto Show

The very first live shots of the China-made Volkswagen Golf 7, it will debut on Friday on the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show but we couldn’t wait that long. A gray blue example was spotted on the Volkswagen booth-under-construction in the exhibition hall, looking very clean and ready for Friday’s party where it will be joined by the China-made Audi A3 sedan.


The Volkswagen Golf 7 is made in China by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture. The Golf 7 will also be manufactured in the existing Volkswagen production base city of Changchun, more than 3000 kilometer to the northeast.

The Golf 7will be launched on the China car market in December. Price will range from 90.000 to 120.000 yuan. Engines: 105hp 1.6, 131hp 1.4 TSI, 150hp 1.4 TSI, and a 220hp 2.0 TSI for the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The China-made GTI is a very popular car among the young ‘n sporty, it is by far the most powerful hot hatch on the Chinese auto market. The more powerful and slightly mad Volkswagen Golf R will be imported into China.




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