Rich Chinese Punk puts Monkey in Ferrari 458 Spider

Rich Chinese Punk puts Monkey in Ferrari 458 Spider

Amazing photos from the great city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province where a rich Chinese punk put a monkey in the driver’s seat of his white Ferrari 458 Spider. The engine was running and the monkey, a small baboon it seems, patiently waited for his master to return.


We have seen dogs and even the odd cat, but using a monkey to guard the Ferrari is a refreshingly new idea. Keeping monkeys as pets is not forbidden in China, and the animals are widely available on markets, especially down south.


Baboon checking out all those buttons on the high tech dash. Price for a new Ferrari 458 Spider starts at 4.43 million yuan or 715.000 USD. Monkey better don’t pee on the leather.


The lights are on but the monkey doesn’t speed away.


On the road!, with Punk behind the wheel. Monkey seems very happy, moving his arms around, he sure wants to go faster…

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