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BMW 4 Series Cabriolet launched on the China car market

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The BMW 4 Series Cabriolet has been launched on the China car market. Price starts at 676.000 yuan and ends at 808.000 yuan ($110.000 – 132.500). The 4 Series Cabriolet is available as the 245hp 428i and the 306hp 535i.

Launching the Cabriolet is a brave move by BMW as convertibles are not very popular in China due to the air pollution, noise, and traffic jams. Lately however car makers are moving more open cars to China, focusing their marketing on lifestyle and individualism things, which seems to work, especially down south where the skies are a bit warmer and sometimes a bit cleaner.

The BMW 4 Series Coupe was launched in November last year.

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