Spotted in China: Opel Astra F sedan

Opel Astra F sedan

A very green Opel Astra F sedan, Spotted in China close to the eastern section of the Third Ring Road in Beijing. The good Astra was in a good shape; clean paintwork, no rust, no bruises, and no missing parts. The Astra F was manufactured from 1991 until 1998, it was never officially exported to China so how this Opel ended up in the capital is something of a mystery.


Opel badge still on the back. Wheel covers are period. The vehicle was surprisingly clean for dusty Beijing, indicating this Opel has a very happy owner who likes his old Astra clean, and that is a good thing! The Astra F was available with many an engine. The smallest was a 1.4 and the largest a hefty 151hp 2.0 turbo for the Astra GSi. Our Beijing car is powered by a 83hp 1.6.


The Astra badge, shining proudly in the later afternoon sun. A very rare car in a very rare condition. May she ride the streets Beijing for a long time coming!

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@Tycho: 2.0 16V with 110 kW/ 150 HP in Opel Astra F GSi is atmospheric (naturally aspirated) engine. BTW: Turbocharged version of this engine 2.0 16V with 150 kW/201 HP Turbo was in Opel Calibra 4×4 and in Opel Vectra A 4×4.

RIWAL888 is kinda right. The Astra F GSI were equipped with: – 2.0 85 kW 8V (very rare, early production models) – 2.0 110 kW 16V (first series) – 1.8 92 kW 16V (second series) – 1.8 100 kW 16V (second series) But even the 150 kw engine was equipped in the Astra, but not in Europe at all. It was a South African version of the Opel Astra, the Chevrolet Astra. The Chevrolet Astra 200 TS was equipped with the 6 Gear manual box, but only FWD and the 2.0 Turbo with 150 kW. So the whole engine range… Read more »