The Grille Of The JAC Refine M6 Is Not For Weaklings

The Grille Of The JAC Refine M6 Is Not For Weaklings

Only a strong man can withstand the sight of the grille of the new JAC M6. It measures about one square meter in total and it is shiny from top to bottom and side to side. That is quite a sight. Moreover, our ultra strong man also needs to deal with the scary white gloved blue suited soldiers. No easy task.

The Refine M6 is a new MPV. Design is a total ripoff of the previous-generation Toyota Alphard. Many Chinese car makers clone the old Alphard, it is a popular car. The Refine M6, not to be confused with the BMW M6, will hit the Chinese car market net month for about 160.000 yuan.

The interior mixes influences of the 2014 Alphard with JAC’s own ideas, leading to a reasonable result with some fake-wood panels and some more shine.

Power will come from a 2.0 turbo with 190hp and 280nm, mated to a six-speed DCT.

The M6 seats six in a 2/2/2 setup. The second row is for the VIPs with large captain seats with a leg rest.

Enormous lights with a shiny strip connecting. The new black-shiny JAC logo under the window.

Attack the gloves first!

3 thoughts on “The Grille Of The JAC Refine M6 Is Not For Weaklings”

  1. Isn’t this the M6 shown in Guangzhou in 2013, with a horizontal bar grille? Why so late to market, I wonder?

    1. Yes they have been showing it for years. Grille got a little bigger each time. It always takes JAC ages to get anything to the market. Just think about the Refine A60.

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