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Hyundai Launches The ix35 Compact SUV On The Shanghai Auto Show

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Hyundai has launched the new ix35 compact SUV on the Shanghai Auto Show in China, it will hit the Chinese car market in Q3. Styling is a surprise, very square with a straight front end. The lights are large and the grille is shiny, and it has black wheel arches in crossover style.

Hyundai ix35

This is the current ix35, still in production in China at the Beijing-Hyundai joint venture that will also make the new car. Price of the current ix35 starts at 149.800 yuan and ends at 222.800 yuan. Engines: 160hp 2.0 and a 170hp 2.4.

Hyundai ix35

Question is how new the new ix35 really is. It is marginally wider and higher than the current ix35 but the wheelbase is exactly the same, and this usually indicates that the platform didn’t change. Furthermore, Beijing-Hyundai  is very good in dressing up old cars like new, just look at the Celesta.

It is a fascinating company. No car ever retires there.  They still produce the third generation Elantra, the fifth generation Elantra, the fourth generation Sonata, the fifth generation Sonata, and  the first generation Sante Fe, among other oldies.

The ‘new’ ix35 will retain the 160hp 2.0 but the 2.4 will be retired. Instead, Hyundai will offer a 130hp 1.4 turbo, which seems barely strong enough for a car the size of the ix35.

Hyundai ix35

Design a bit messy on the C-D pillar, with an odd and very small third-side window.

Hyundai ix35

Grille looks great.

Hyundai ix35

Bumper does not, too big and far too shiny.

Hyundai ix35

How new are you really..?

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  1. Thank god we will never see this car in Europe!

    The C/D frame looks enormous, and the last rear window at the end isn’t even a window.

    Who designed this?? :))) Perhaps it is an idea to teach Chinese designers something ‘international’? (Not mentioning their “copy/paste” trend).

    I am 100% sure that Chinese designers do, and can do much better if allowed!

    Beauracrasy always kill development and innovation. It’s a hard fact. Shame on you Hyundai, that put your badge on this shit!

    Even if it is a ‘local product’ – in the biggest car market in the World!

    • I doubt Hyundai and KIA will be selling many cars in China now and in the future due to the recent boycott of Korean brands.


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