Thunderpower SUV debuts on the Frankfurt Motor Show

Thunderpower SUV debuts on the Frankfurt Motor Show

Thunderpower is the BEST name ever for a car company. Thunder Power is a Chinese car maker headquartered in Hong Kong with a factory-under-construction in Ganzhou and a design center in Milan. The designers are all Italians. Last year they showed a four-door sedan and they are also working on a sleek two-door coupe.

The ‘SUV’, it doesn’t really have a name yet, is a mid-size full electric SUV. It is scheduled to launch on the Chinese car market sometime in the not-too distant future. The company, Thunder Power!, did not give an exact time table.

The SUV looks great, very smooth and streamlined, with the ultra shiny grille shaped like the company’s logo. The inside comes with loads of white leather and a cabin-wide LCD screen for instruments and #infotainment.

The specs are impressive, as claimed by Thunder Power: the top model will get a Tesla-attacking 585 horses, a 240 km/h top speed, and a 650 kilometer range. There will also be a base model with ‘just’ 272 hp.

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    1. Please elaborate. Company says on its own website that they got their HQ in Hong Kong, their design studio in Italy, and their factory in China. They don’t mention Taiwan.

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