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New Geely EV Is So Ugly It Is Actually Kinda Cool

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Geely Kandi GLEagle K23

This little white wonder is a new Geely EV, it is so ugly that one could call it cool. I especially like the tiny grille. It appears to be smiling, showing some silver teeth.

Badge on the left: Geely Auto. Badge on the right: K23.

The full name of the vehicle is Geely Kandi GLEagle K23. Kandi is an EV manufacturer, majority-owned by Zhejiang Geely Automobile. GLEagle is the brand name. It used to be a brand directly under Geely, and has since been transferred to Kandi.

At this moment Kandi makes five small electric vehicles, one based on a current Geely, two based on older Geely’s, and two original designs, of which the K12 is the weirdest.

The K23 is an original design too, and daring. It mixes elements of an MPV and a hatchback. It seats four people. Size: 3974/1636/1625, wheelbase is 2650 and curb weight is 1200 kg. The electric motor poops out 65 hp, good for a 102 km/h top speed. No other specs announced yet. We hope to see more of this somewhat off Geely Kandi GLEagle brand.

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  1. One thing’s for sure, Peter Horbury wasn’t involved whatsoever during the design phase of this thing.


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