Hozon Auto Launches New Logo, And A New Brand, And Almost A Car

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Hozon Auto

Hozon Auto is a new Chinese EV brand. They haven’t launched a single car yet, but that doesn’t stop them from announcing a new logo and, of course, a new brand. Starting with the logo: it absolutely doesn’t look like a vagina.

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The logo stands for four decent new-energy things: AI, growth, wings, and inspiration. So it is really not a vagina.

The logo will be used for the Hozon brand. But Hozon isn’t going to be a passenger car brand. It is going to be the company’s name. The passenger car brand is going to be called NETA.

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NETA, as a brand, stands for three things, as indicated in this drawing, which does not at all look like a vagina. They are: individuality, confidence, and existence.

The NETA cars will  be sired by a logo that is very similar to Hozon’s logo, but not quite the same. It also does not look like a vagina.

What is going on here?!?!

The first Hozon NETA car will be an electric SUV called the Eureka 01. It will be launched in Juli, with a range of 300 kilometers. A bigger electric SUV will arrive in 2019, and a third one in 2020. After 2020 Hozon plans to launch two new electric cars every year. To build all those vehicle the company is building a gigantic new factory with an initial annual capacity of 50.000 cars.

They also have this car on their website, still branded as Hozon Auto. It looks bigger than the Eureka 01, so it is probably the 2019 car.


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  1. The company has received the coveted license to produce NEVs, so they must be doing something right. To my knowledge bigger start-ups like NIO, Byton, Singulato, and Xiaopeng have not yet acquired one.

    • Hello Dragn! If these new companies don’t produce their own cars, they don’t need any license. NIO’s cars are produced by JAC. Xiaopeng’s cars by Haima. Byton just signed an agreement with FAW, and thus it seems likely that FAW will produce theirs. So these ‘new’ companies are actually not that new and certainly not so ‘independent’. Singulato wants to go at it alone, but they don’t have license yet indeed. It should also be noted that many of these new EV companies are partially owned by local state-controlled entities, such as business parks and tech funds.

      • Nice intell, Tycho, about the entanglement between these ‘startups’ which are not so ‘startuppy’ at all.

        Also liked the ‘it’s not a vagina’ thing 😀


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