Test Drive | Zeekr 007: fast and luxurious

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Geely’s Zeekr 007 was launched in December 2023. It is winner of the Reddot Car Design 2024. With a starting price of 209,900 yuan (29,000 USD), this B-class all-electric luxury sedan is a direct rival to the Xiaomi SU7 and Tesla Model 3. Let’s examine this vehicle to see how it performs on suburban roads in China. 

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Booking for a test drive

Like my experience with the BYD Yuan UP test drive, I had to make a reservation 2 to 3 days in advance to ensure the car is available. A sales representative will then call me to confirm the time and date of the test drive. 

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Upon arriving for the Zeekr 007 test drive, I was waiting to be served in the largest shopping mall in Zhuhai. No, I was not there to buy a pair of running shoes or wait for a table at a restaurant. I was there to test drive a car. In China, NEV makers like having small showrooms (to display one or two vehicles) in shopping malls, providing convenience to shoppers and promoting their new brands to a broader audience. Car brands like Huawei’s Aito, Li Auto, and Nio are also located in the same shopping mall.  

First Impressions

Our test car was the Zeekr 007 Smart AWD, priced at 259,900 yuan (35,900 USD). Its outward appearance is sporty yet muscular. It is the only Zeekr model without the iconic Zeekr/ Lynk & Co separate daytime running lights, but the Zeekr Stargate 90-inch interactive light, which can project customizable images and text with a brightness of 10,000 nits. To improve aerodynamics, Zeekr has removed the car’s door handles. It has a continuous taillight design. Stefan Sielaff, the former Audi and Bentley designer, oversaw the design of the Zeekr 007. 

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The Interior

Stepping into the Zeekr 007 Smart AWD is a luxurious experience. The doors open electronically with a press of a button on the B-pillar, immediately signaling the vehicle’s high-end status. The cabin is adorned with a combination of Nappa leather and suede, and the driver’s seat offers ventilation and massage functions for comfort and back support. The car is equipped with a 15-inch OLED center screen and a 35.5-inch AR-HUD, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 CPU, ensuring a lag-free and smooth user experience.

The Zeekr 007 Smart AWD doesn’t compromise on passenger comfort. Rear passengers will appreciate the spaciousness, with ample headroom and knee room. The back support can be adjusted electronically for personalized comfort. While sitting upright may be less comfortable due to the lowered H-point of the rear seats, taller passengers can still find comfort by placing their feet under the front seats. This design feature ensures a comfortable ride for all occupants. 

The large panoramic sunroof did not feel hot. It is integrated with a “nano-silvered privacy dome,” offering varying levels of transparency and thermal insulation.


There is a small frunk which can store the charging cables. The boot is deep with a large opening. The rear seats can be folded down for extra storage. 

Behind the Wheel

We took the Zeekr 007 on suburban roads in Zhuhai to see how it performed. Once I started driving the car, the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was. There is very little road noise inside the cabin. The car felt low to the ground, yet it provided decent visibility. The Head-up Display was a little too bright, which required getting used to. 

The Zeekr 007 is based on pure electric product architecture, Sustainable Electric Architecture (SEA).  It has an integrated mega-casting rear-end aluminum body. “This car drives like a European car,” I said while driving. “Yes, we had the team from Lotus tune this car for us,” the Zeekr representative next to me responded. Not only is the steering precise and accurate, but it also provides adequate feedback from the roads. The vehicle gave me the confidence to turn corners at higher speeds. 

The Zeekr 007 Smart AWD has two motors: 165 kW in the front and 310 kW in the rear. This model can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds despite weighing over two tons. Remembering all the recent clips of the Xiaomi SU7 crashes, I was highly conscious during this test drive. I do not see headlines on social media that read, “Car News China reporter crashing high-powered EV in China.” When we arrived on a straight road with the car traveling at less than 30 km/h, the Zeekr representative quietly put the car into sports mode, “Do not go over the speed of 130 km/h.” It took a moment to set in. Then it happened. I floored the accelerator. Immediately, I heard screams from the rear passengers. I only took the Zeekr 007 from 30 – 60 km/h. But it felt so fast, and I found a grin on my face, enjoying that brief moment of pure acceleration that could only be found in the territory of the Honda NSX and Audi R8 V10 not long ago. 

The Zeekr 007 Performace can do 0 – 100 in 2.84 seconds with the same motor configuration but with a lighter body weight. Only available in “Kung Fu Yellow,” the performance version plays homage to Bruce Lee from the movie Game of Death. “How does the Zeekr 007 Performace drive?” I wandered aloud. “I have yet to see one,” the Zeekr representative replied. It is rarer than I expected. 

As we re-entered the shopping mall’s parking lot, we found a difficult parking space to test the auto parking system. We brought the car to a complete stop, and then the Zeekr representative used the 15-inch OLED center screen to select the desired parking space. On the first try, quite a few cars drove beside us, confusing the system. It took seconds for the Zeekr 007 to park successfully on the second try.

Battery Range

Our test car, the Zeekr 007 Smart AWD, has two battery options: Zeekr’s 75 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Golden battery (616 km CTLC) and CATL’s 100 kWh NMC battery (770 km CTLC), which is offered as an optional upgrade at 20,000 yuan (2,760 USD). The Zeekr representative informed me that more people buy the longer-range battery. 

Safety Features

Zeekr 007 has Zeekr’s Advanced Driver-Assistant System (ADAS) co-developed with Nvidia. Sensors used in this system include:

  1. Lidar: lidar technology uses laser pulses to measure distances and depths to perceive surroundings accurately.
  2. 12 high-definition cameras: these cameras offer a full view of the vehicle’s surroundings, aiding in lane-keeping, collision avoidance, and pedestrian detection.
  3. 5 millimeter-wave radars: this radar technology improves the car’s object detection capabilities, even in challenging weather conditions.


Geely’s Zeekr 007 is a high-tech luxury sedan with personality. It is suitable for daily driving and long-distance travel. This car can be either comfortable or engaging when required. While the styling may not be for everyone, it is an excellent alternative to the Xiaomi SU7, Tesla Model 3, and BMW i3. Like its siblings, Zeekr X & Zeekr 009, it’s only a question of time before it’s launched beyond China’s borders.

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  1. Hi Adrian, thanks for the test drive. This is a car I’m looking forward to. In a year or two my Model 3 will be up for replacement and I already had the Zeekr 007 on my long list. I like the understated styling, the powerful drive train and the large battery. I expect this car to come to Europe and if they keep it below €50.000 it sure is a contender. In the spec you drove: AWD with the CATL battery. I wouldn’t mind driving a yellow car either 😉
    Just one question: does it have one-pedal drive? I took short test drives in the Nio ET5 and BYD Seal and both lack that feature. I really like it though and my next car should have it again.

    • Hi Leo, yes it does. The Zeekr rep specifically asked me to test out one-pedal drive at the traffic lights.The Zeekr 007 is lots more luxurious than the Model 3. It feels more refined, too.

  2. How easy it would be to lift the back part of the roof, and with a full rear door, make a station car version of this beautifully designed car. Why don’t more Chinese brands do this? And a towing hook, for 1700 kilo, it would be perfect for Europe?

    All – or almost all sedans in Europe have this second alternative, because the car in general doesn’t need much change to achieve this. Just a design adjustment at the rear. Audi, Volvo, VW, BMW, Skoda, Mercedes, … and the French has always had this option. Often selling much more of the more practical cars, than on sedans. I would love to see it in Europe for less than 45 – 50.000 EUR.

    Don’t Chinese automakers need to do some more market research in Europe? They are “drowning us”
    with sedans and SUV/crossovers we don’t need I think?

    • Nio introduced the ET5T two years after entering Europe. However, Nio has a longer history than Zeekr.

      Many of the NEV makers are looking to penetrate the China domestic market before going overseas. Unfortunately, station wagons are not in high demand in China.

      • I know. I understand and agree with you Adrian. But the ET5T is a beautiful – yet at the same tme a practical car. And the Zeekr 001 look even better – but that is a different kind of car – like the Taycan Cross Turismo Models, and the new Yangwang U7 GT or U6(?). All of these look great – but they are not station wagons.

        Let’s hope the Chinese will discover how easy it is to make two versions of the same car – sedan and station wagon (or Caravan as Opel in the old times used to call them). When they understand the European market better.

        BTW., thanks for the interesting test and description Adrian.

        • Zeekr will make its way to Europe by end of the year. Perhaps they will make a wagon version of the 007 after it’s initial arrival.

  3. Hi, Adrian.
    Is there any noticable difference between CCD dampers(AWD only) and base RWD one? I plan keeping car for long term, at least 5 years. I know if in china its better to buy CCD(AWD) version, warranty covered and no roads with potholes, but in central asian country(uzbekistan, kazakhsan) roads are full of potholes and no warranty coverage. Will CCD make any difference in my country, or its better to buy RWD(with no CCD) so that dampers are cheaper to replace in case it brokes down(so that no electromagnetic system CCD). Need your option based on that. Thank you

    • There are In the AWD version that I tested provided enough cushioning for well paved roads. I have not tested the RWD version. From experience, adaptive suspension may or not effect the driving experience depending on your driving style/ mode. For cost effectiveness of replacement parts go for the RWD. Go for the Smart AWD version if you enjoy the overall package (e.g. automatic doors, etc).


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