Xpeng CEO criticizes auto industry’s lack of focus on technology

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On the afternoon of July 3rd, in a live-streamed global debut of the Xpeng MONA M03, Xpeng Chairman He Xiaopeng shared his candid views on the current state of the automotive industry. Reflecting on his decade-long journey in the sector, He expressed concern that the industry prioritizes business and marketing over technological innovation.

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He Xiaopeng noted that when he first entered the automotive industry ten years ago, there was minimal change in fuel technology. This stagnant environment allowed companies to profit without significant innovation. However, over the past decade, Xpeng has pursued numerous technological advancements. Despite these efforts, He observed that many players in China’s automotive market still prioritize product and marketing strategies over genuine technological progress.

He Xiaopeng remarked, “Integrating technology quickly can lead to success, but it lacks the joy of true innovation. It feels more like a business than a passion.” He emphasized the importance of balancing learning from others with a commitment to deep technological innovation.

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Looking ahead, He expressed his hope that Xpeng will continue to approach the next decade with sincerity and a strong focus on technological advancements, aiming to bring more innovations to the market and China.

In his address, he spoke at length about the new Mona M03. This car is a new series under the Xpeng brand. This compact pure electric vehicle measures 4780/1896/ 1445 mm, with a wheelbase of 2815 mm. The trunk offers a spacious 621 liters, comparable to a mid-size SUV.

A significant focus for the Mona M03 was reducing aerodynamic drag. The vehicle underwent 10 extensive wind tunnel tests lasting over 100 hours, optimizing 15 key areas. These efforts reduced the drag coefficient by Cd 0.085, resulting in a claimed 60 km range increase.

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Few new details were provided about the powertrain, but it was confirmed that the Mona M03 will offer a choice between 140 kW and 160 kW electric motors, with a top speed of 155 km/h. The car employs BYD blade lithium iron phosphate batteries, available in versions with a range of either 515 km or 620 km.

Xpeng announced that the Mona M03 will be priced under 200,000 yuan (approximately 27,400 USD), with the final price to be revealed in August during its official launch.

Source: Zaker and GSAUTO

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