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MG Cyberster price range leaked in China. Starting at 33,350 USD

The MG Cyberster will start from 33,350 USD in China. It is a two-door electric roadster with up to 580 km of range and 544 hp.

BYD Song Plus to sell internationally as “Seal U”. To hit the market this year

The BYD Seal U will hit overseas markets this year with 605 km of range and 218 hp. To debut in September.

Nio’s clone? SAIC Roewe D7 EV made its official debut with 610-km range and 211 hp

SAIC Roewe D7 EV sedan has made its official debut in China. It will hit the Chinese market soon with a price tag between 20,850 – 27,800 USD.

FAW-BYD first battery pack rolled off the production line in China

The mass production of the FAW-BYD battery packs will start in September. The planned annual capacity is 45 GWh, good for 1 million EVs per year.

French municipal police purchased MG4 electric vehicle from SAIC

The MG4 electric hatchback with 168 hp and 350 km of WLTP range is now in the poice force in France.

BYD Seal DM-i to hit pre-sales in China in August this year, starting at 25,100 USD

The BYD Seal DM-i will start pre-sales in August this year. Deliveries will also start soon with a starting price of 25,100 USD.

Changan Qiyuan A07 debuted in China with 705 km of electric range

Changan Qiyuan A07 is ready to start sales in China with EV and EREV powertrains. Price to be about of 27,865 USD.

Thanks to BYD, SIXT Australia will have 10% of its car fleet electric by the end of 2023

The BYD Atto 3 becomes the driving force of the SIXT Australia fleet transition. It will be 10% electric by the end of 2023.

Is it enough to rival Alphard? GWM’s Wey Gaoshan MPV revealed interior

The Wey Gaoshan MPV has 7 seats, a refrigerator for 14 bottles and a PHEV powertrain for 150 km of electric range.

BYD Seal DM-i rolled off the production line in China

The BYD Seal DM-i PHEV sedan rolled off the production line in China with 200 km of electric range. Ready for the market launch.