Aito M5

Huawei Aito launched the first batch of “Map free NCA” in all cities in China

Huawei Aito's latest update introduces advanced autonomous driving features, including the innovative "Map-Free NCA," enhancing urban driving in 338 Chinese cities without reliance on high-precision maps.

Huawei’s new AITO M5 SUV with 1,455 km range starts pre-sale at 35,800 USD

The car is equipped with Huawei's DriveONE ePowertrain platform, Harmony OS 3.0 smart cockpit, and Dynamic Adaptive Torque System.

Cooperating with Huawei, the 100,000th vehicle of the AITO brand rolled off the production line

The Aito brand began in 2021, with Huawei providing technical support for related cars and Huawei responsible for sales.

AITO M5 Review: Huawei Makes a Car!

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Huawei AITO M5 orders exceeded 6,000 in five days

According to the sales staff of Beijing Huawei's authorized experience store, orders of their first luxury smart SUV called AITO M5 exceeded 6000 as...

Seres and Huawei unveil Aito M5 with 1000km range

This is Aito M5 - PHEV SUV jointly created by Seres and Huawei. Seres takes care of manufacturing and HW, Huawei supplies the "car's...