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Zhang Fan, GAC’s Head of Design: Discussing the Evolution of Chinese Car Design over 30 Years

Start a week with our recent chat with GAC's Chief Designer, as he shares insights on his journey and the future of car design. Must-read for everyone interested in automotive innovation.

Top 10 production cars at the 2023 Auto Shanghai and key takeaways from the Show

We know what you are most curious about. Did Mark get the ice cream?

Shanghai Auto Show Preview – What Can We Learn From Guangzhou?

Unlike many media reports, Shanghai Auto Show is not China's first major Auto Show since covid. In January, there was a Guangzhou Auto Show which hinted to us what hell of a show we can expect from Shanghai.

GAC EMKOO Review: Concept Car Looks For The Road From China

We get behind the wheel of the GAC EMKOO, an edgy new mid-size SUV from China, to see if it cuts a groove on the road as well as on the eye.

XPENG G9 Review: China’s FSD Leader Finally Gets Its Act Together

The XPENG G9 is the brand's fourth model and, given the underwhelming public response to their third model, the P5, it's likely that this...

Exclusive First Look: Baidu RT6 Robotaxi – The Fully Autonomous Car from China’s Google

Baidu recently revealed the RT6 Robotaxi, a fully electric MPV-style vehicle capable of Level-4 autonomous driving. But what does the Baidu RT6 mean for driverless...

Polestar 2 Review: Made in China Magnificence

The Polestar 2 is technically not a Chinese car, Polestar itself isn't even a Chinese brand, but they do produce the 2 in China. In...

AITO M5 Review: Huawei Makes a Car!

Huawei, one of China's largest tech companies and best known for their cellphones and 5G networks, has built a car. Well, kind of. Meet...

Lynk & Co 01 E-MOTIVE Is First Car With New Hybrid System

Lynk & Co have unveiled their first production models based on the new LYNK E-MOTIVE hybrid powertrain, the 01 EM-F and 01 EM-P. The new...

Li Auto L9 Tweaked Slightly in New MIIT Images

New MIIT filings for the soon-to-be-launched Li Auto L9 have been revealed with some very subtle changes over the previous filing. To our eyes...