Spy Shot: Beijing Auto BC701B Sedan based on Chrysler Sebring

September 12, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

The Beijing Auto BC701B (code name) is based on the Chrysler Sebring. Beijing Auto’s mother company BAIC used to have a joint venture with Chrysler, they made the 300C and Sebring for the Chinese market. The joint venture is now disbanded but BAIC bought the tooling and factory for its brand Beijing Auto, known as Beiqi in China.

Beijing Auto will bring two new cars to da market based on the two Chrysler-platforms, earlier we saw the 300C-based T8. The BC701 doesn’t come as a very big surprise, Beijing Auto developed the electric BE701EV, a concept based on the Sebring. What this al means for the new Saab-based Beijing Auto C60 and C70 is not very clear, those cars would directly compete with the BC701B and T8.