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Global Power Battery Installation Ranking in Q1 2023 – CATL First, BYD Second

The top 10 power battery manufacturers include 6 Chinese companies, 3 Korean companies, and 1 Japanese company.

BYD YangWang U8 with 1,180 HP spotted on the trailer in China. Deliveries to start in September

Videos of U8 doing a tank turn in public on the street in China also appeared

China sold 1.5 million EVs&PHEVs in Q1 2023, accounting for 59% of the world

In Q1 2023, 1,041,000 EVs and 460,000 PHEVs were sold in China, sales up 25% to Q1 2022, accounting for 28% of China's vehicle sales.

BYD sold 104,346 all-electric vehicles globally in April, including 1,500 Seagulls and 6,212 Seal EVs

BYD also exported 14,827 NEVs, and BYD Dolphin sold over 30,000 units. BYD Seal's 6,212 units sold could have been better, as it had the ambition to compete with Model 3. BYD Seagull sold 1500 units.

BYD Chaser 07 interior exposed in China with a large screen

The BYD Chaser 07 (Destroyer 07) interior was exposed in China with a large screen.

2023 BYD Destroyer 05 launched with 120km range; starts at $14,700

There are slight upgrades in power, interior, and connectivity, but the entry-level model sheds 20,000 yuan.

New BYD Song Plus DM-i spied for the first time in China

We already saw the new Song Plus EV, now the PHEV variant leaks.

BYD’s net profit up five times YoY to 596 million USD in Q1 2023

Revenue 120 billion yuan (up 80% YoY), net profit 4.13 billion yuan (up 411% YoY).

Toyota’s second pure EV started deliveries in China. bZ3 offers a 65 kWh battery and 241 HP, starting at 24,500 USD

bZ3 is Toyota outside and BYD inside. Price at dealer start even lower at 22,300 USD.

BYD Seagull hits the market for 10,700 USD, 6% less than what was announced last week

The price war continues in China; even hot&budget cars are not omitted. It's basically a 5000 yuan discount before deliveries even start.