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Neta exports 3,600 Neta V EVs to Thailand from China

It made it the largest single export in Neta's history. The company ranked second in the Thai EV market in sales in February 2023.

China’s MIIT Unveils Neta GT: a two-door pure electric sports car

Neta has slapped the GT badgee on its 456 hp pure electric sports car.

New Photos Of The Neta E Electric Coupe In China

A Chinese electric coupe with 456 hp.

Neta E Is A Pretty 456 HP Electric Coupe From China

The first electric 2+2, in the world?

Neta U-II Compact SUV Launched In China, Price Starts At 18,100 USD

On October 10, Hozon Auto launched the Neta U-II, a successor of the 2022 Neta U, on the Chinese market with a price range...

Neta S Lauched in China, Starts at $29,600

The Neta S was first unveiled to the automotive world at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021 in concept form. Since then, it has...

Neta Expands Charging Network With Over 20,000 Free Chargers In China

Neta Auto reported it expanded the charging network with 2,410 free charging stations in 200 Chinese cities. The total number of free fast-chargers reached...

1100 km Range EV Neta S Production Version & Interior Spied While Testing

What is Neta S? Neta S is a sporty electric sedan from a young EV brand under Hozon Auto. It was firstly presented at the...

China’s NETA Launches Pink Electric Kiddie Car Called ‘Magic Kid’ And It Has Exhaust Pipes

This pink little pretty is the new NETA Magic Kid (魔小童), an electric kiddie car from China. It looks fantastic with a pink body,...

Eureka! NETA S production version spied

Want a good-looking, sporty electric sedan? Hozon has you covered with the Neta S. First unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai auto show, many shrugged off...