Sehol X8 Plus

Sehol X8 Plus Crossover SUV Launched In China, Price Starts At 14,500 USD

Sehol claims that its X8 Plus was designed according to interviews and survey feedback from nearly 1,000 families to better tailor the car toward customers with big families.

Sehol X8 Plus SUV Pre-sale Starts At 14,500 USD In China

This is the Sehol X8 Plus SUV at the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show, available in a six or seven-seat layout. It is based on...

Sehol X8 Plus Is A New Seven-Seat SUV For The Chinese Car Market

Official images of the new Sehol X8 Plus have been revealed. The photos detail the design characteristics of the X8 Plus while also showing...