Battery Trend for 2024. Will China strengthen the leadership?

As lithium prices declined in 2023, what will happen in 2024?

Volkswagen-backed JAC Yiwei EV powered by sodium-ion battery starts mass production in China

JAC Yiwei is world's first mass produced electric vehicle with sodium-ion battery.

For Chinese Kei car makers, sodium is the new LFP

The sodium shows up as a new way of Kei-car revival in China.

Lei Xing: Is CATL’s sodium-ion battery ready for prime time?

"The bottleneck remains to be these materials specific for sodium-ion batteries," the engineer told me. "And that takes time for the supply chain to mature."

CATL’s sodium-ion batteries will debut in Chery Auto EVs

CATL unveiled its sodium-ion batteries back in 2021 and today announced the first customer.

CATL new patent allows anode-free sodium-ion battery density to go above 200Wh/Kg

In July 2021, CATL developed its first-gen sodium-ion battery. Its single-cell energy density can reach 160Wh/Kg. It has an impressive fast charging capability, allowing...