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Xpeng Didi deal explained: The window for getting into EV manufacturing is closing

"So we now have this 9-year-old smart EV startup invested by one of the world's largest automakers and the world's largest ride-hailing mobility platform."

Lei Xing: Is CATL’s sodium-ion battery ready for prime time?

"The bottleneck remains to be these materials specific for sodium-ion batteries," the engineer told me. "And that takes time for the supply chain to mature."

Interview with VW China CEO: China has finally made it

“We have grown the industry, but it was very much in terms of technology transfer a one-way street. Whereas nowadays alongside our strategy, it’s...

Interview with Porsche China leaving CEO: Our strategy is “partial localization”

“China is a country and market of speed. Many of the things we need for China cannot be developed and researched in Germany because...