Zeekr X

Zeekr X New Photos And Colors Unveiled

Zeekr X EV ditches the door handles.

Zeekr X Electric Hatchback Interior Exposed In China

The Zeekr X has a gigantic touch screen and a HUD.

New Photos Of The Zeekr X Electric Hatchback

The Zeekr X EV pack 428 hp in a polarizing design.

Zeekr X Exposed by MIIT, Expected to Debut at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

The Zeekr X will come in four-seat and five-seat variations.

Here Is The Zeekr X Electric Hatchback In Shanghai

The Zeekr X goes on a photo shoot. We got the pics and had a look.

Official Pics: Zeekr X Is A Wild Electric Hatchback For China

Zeekr goes wild with the X - comes to Europe.