Spy Shots: FAW-Hongqi C131 based on Audi A6

We reported earlier on the upcoming Hongqi C131. By that time the Chinese press reported that the platform was independently developed by FAW. We had our doubts, and that proves correct. Chinese media now reports the C131 is actually based on an Audi A6 platform.

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Spy Shot: Volkswagen Amarok spotted in China

A Volkswagen Amarok pick up truck was spotted in China on a VW parking lot, fuelling speculation the Germans might be planning to bring the Amarok to the Chinese market. The Amarok on pic has a Wolfsburg (VW’s German headquarters) license plate. The Amarok however is made in Argentinia so this it likely some sort of show car. Selling an expensive pick up in China could be an interesting idea, at this moment nobody sells any but some big Yanks make it to the market trough the grey circuit and they all sell very quickly.

Spy Shots: FAW-Besturn B30 in Red, and Delayed(?)

FAW-Besturn B30

Besturn is a brand from First Auto Works (FAW), it makes the B50 and B70 sedans, soon to be joined by the big B90 and this small B30. It is based, yes really, on a Volkswagen Jetta PQ32 platform and uses a very old Volkswagen 1.6 with 74kw and 145nm.

Rumors say the listing of the B30, originally scheduled for early 2011, is delayed because FAW’s board doesn’t like the design. They better worry about that ancient platform first!

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Spy Shot: MG3 Cross

Earlier we saw the patent-drawings and now we got the first real pic from the upcoming MG3 Cross. It will stand a little higher on its feet, get more plastic around the bumpers, some roofrails and job done. Engines will be the same, no 4×4, its all fashion but it will sell. Expected to hit the market in the second half of this year.

Spy Shots: Brilliance-Jinbei SUV

Brilliance-Jinbei SUV

Brilliance Automotive is working on its first SUV. At the same time Brilliance’s sub-brand Jinbei will also launch a SUV and that car is pictured on the pics in this post. Jinbei makes vans and minivans and wants to move to passenger car territory with this one, to be launched late this year.

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Spy Shots: Greatwall Haval M3

A nice looking machine from Greatwall, the M3 mini-suv/crossover/small-mpv/crossthing will hit the market this year, likely to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. The M3 originally debuted as M3 EV on the Beijing Auto Show in April 2010. The M3 will get a 1.5 litre engine and is just under four meters long. Price will start around 60.000 yuan and end around 90.000 yuan.

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GM sold more cars in China than in US last year

General Motors Co sold more vehicles in China than it did in the United States last year, marking the first time a foreign market has outpaced the automaker ‘s domestic sales in its 102-year history.

GM’s sales in China increased 28.8 percent to 2,351,610 vehicles in 2010, while US sales rose just 6.3 percent to 2,215, 227, The Los Angeles Times said on its website Monday. GM recently announced that it expected to export about 900 million in vehicles and components to China over the next two years. Continue reading “GM sold more cars in China than in US last year”

Volvo opens China headquarters in Shanghai

Volvo Car Corporation inaugurated its China headquarters in Shanghai on Jan 25, 2011 to increase its presence in the Chinese market. It is reported that the China headquarters is similar in function to the headquarters in Sweden, and the China headquarters will directly report to Volvo Chief Executive Stefan Jacoby. With the China headquarters open in Shanghai, Volvo will officially launch its China market strategy.

Volvo China spokesman Ning Shuyong said: “The Volvo China headquarters is a branch of the headquarters in Sweden, but as China is the location of the Volvo parent company, the future Volvo China headquarters will be very different from other branches of the company. It will have more business and form a complete functional system.” Continue reading “Volvo opens China headquarters in Shanghai”