Spy Shots: FAW-Besturn B90 in the Snow

Published on February 11, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

The B90, codenamed C303, will be the top model of FAW’s Besturn brand, it is based on the new Mazda 6 and will arrive this year. FAW (First Auto Works) has a joint venture with Mazda, FAW-Mazda, they make the new 6, the old 6, the 5 mpv and the 8 mpv. Besturn now sells the B50 and B70 and is working on the entry-level B30 that is based on the very old Volkswagen Jetta.

The spyshots show a B90 with the ‘old’ Besturn front. Recently we’ve seen spyshots of the facelifted B50 and B70 which have a new front, the B90 will likely get that one as well.

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